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Rodney Branigan


Ever try to do two things at once? What about three? Even Four?

Rodney Brannigan has. In fact, Rodney has it down to an art form. With powerful vocals, custom rhythm from hand made contraptions at his feet and the sonic power of TWO guitars, Rodney has a show seen all over the world from the U.S. and U.K. all the way to Asia and China, India and almost everywhere in between.

"My show is based a lot on my ambidexterity. Because of that, many of the things I do, like playing two guitars at the same time, are not that hard for me. What I really focus on is the rest of the show. I want to make sure everything about the show emote. I want there to be as much sound coming out of me as possible." You could certainly think of Rodney as the modern incarnation of the one man band. "Whether it is the two guitars, percussion or vocally, just because I am a solo performer doesn't mean people can't get the full band experience."

A huge block in Rodney's wall of sound comes from an instrument of his own design. "It's really just a box with a guitar pickup in it. It has a very bass drum sound to it and I play the tambourine with my foot which gives the box's kick-drum sound a high-hat compliment."

Everything one hears Rodney perform is live instrumentation; there are no backing tracks or looping going on. There are also no fancy effects going on to deepen the sound what is there is 100% organic. "It is all pretty much based on the idea that I could sit and perform in someone's living room and have it sound very close to the stage performance. I don't use a lot of effects and I don't use any sampling."

Rodney is not only a unique talent, but a truly battle-hardened road warrior. "I started playing professional gigs when I was 18 in Texas. I used to play in Austin, Dallas and Houston and I was doing coffeehouse performances with harmonica and guitar. I spent from ages 20-25 performing 175-185 gigs a year. I learned how to become a better singer, a better entertainer, build rapport, have funnier banter and really just learned the ins and outs of putting on a great show for any audience."

Eventually Rodney moved to Nashville, scoring a job with a publishing company writing songs. Nearly 5 years ago he moved to London and has been living there ever since. "Just before the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese government was relaxing some of their stipulations on the educational system and the Chinese Ministry of Education invited me to do lectures at several of the music conservatories, including the Beijing Conservatory of Music. I was the first non-classical Western artist to lecture at those musical institutions."

He's had a record deal in France, cult-like followings in India and has his sights set on building a presence in the campus market. Check him out for your next coffeehouse, festival or concert date.

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