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Matt Corey


One of the most in demand up-and-coming campus musicians, Matt takes his smoking hot sax backed by equally hot tracks and pumps out his own renditions of the most popular songs of the day.

Coming up in a musical family, Matt was encouraged to follow the same path, but didn't really take to it in his own way until he was a teenager. "I really didn't enjoy it when I first started (laughs), but it was something I grew into. By the time I was in high school I was really into it and then it eventually became the dominating pursuit in my life."

Matt is a unique act in many ways, not least of which is that fact that it's pretty difficult to be the feature of an act as a sax or wind player, most of us could count on one hand the number of famous players they know, and half of them are from one family (think Marsalis). Matt separates himself from those other legendary figures in that he plays music campus audiences want to hear, instead of jazz he's playing hip hop, R&B, pop, rock and more. It's a medium that truly connects with students.

A third caveat that qualifies Matt is his impressive resume starting with a degree in his field. "I went to Youngstown State in Ohio and majored in Jazz Performance and Music Education. I originaly had the intention of becoming a music teacher, but I was just always playing gigs anywhere and everywhere I could. I was usually the backup guy and by the time I got out of college I had enough experience to start working right away."

Matt actually skipped his graduation ceremony to get down to Orlando and work at Disney World to play for a show called "Blast!" that even made it to Broadway. "It even won some Tony's. I ended up moving to London for more opportunity and it seemed to be a thing where the saxophone just kept leading me. It opened door after door; there was no single moment where I decided 'OK, this is what I am going to do!' It was a very natural sequence and evolution."

Matt moved back from London and hooked up with some friends to play in a band called Skinny, who had a successful run in the campus market. "That was my introduction to the campus market. I played with them for a couple of months just because I wanted to, not on their payroll or anything. I ended up going out with The Glen Miller Orchestra, which was another great opportunity but not quite what I was looking for."

Eventually Matt moved on to his own thing, and has come into his own, but not before working in sessions with funk legend George Clinton and opening for acts like Dave Matthews Band, Lil' Wayne, Third Eye Blind, O.A.R. and more. Check out Matt and snag one of the hottest music selections around.

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