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Dana Alexandra


Dana Alexandra is bubbly, sweet, infectious personality to speak with and it carries over to her live performances.

Touring the campus market mostly with an acoustic set scaled down to herself and one accompanying performer makes her easy to travel and more affordable for the average campus, but this is a versatile performer with a full band mentality. "I bring a friend for a duo for most college performances and I guess you could hang an 'indie/pop/blues' tag on it."

Generally Dana plays with a full band when possible, especially gigs centered around her hub of Pennsylvania. Her recent album release "Wash Your Mouth Out" (available on iTunes) reflects this fully produced sound, but obviously scaling down is necessary when it's not in the budget. "The travel is much easier acoustically and I travel with another player just to help fill out the sound some, sort of as a bridge between the full band and a solo performance. It is all still my music, but it is hard to have your music come across the way you want acoustically when you're used to playing full band performances."

Dana is used to playing the full band performances, as there was a huge emphasis on her touring to promote her album release (June 24), mostly with Northeast dates in routed through public venues with the full band. Most of her investments in time, attention and finance were dedicated in the last year to this album she considers her true calling card to date. Some may remember her strong presence in the magazine and on the showcasing scene two years ago or so, a presence she hopes to rebuild now that the consuming project of producing an album is complete.

"This school year I didn't really do that many campus dates because of the album and I am really missing it because I was trying very hard to build a presence in the market AND make an album and I just couldn't do both. I don't know how someone like Jason LeVasseur does it, he is very, very focused. I am just the type of person that needs to focus either on playing lots of shows or creating something new. I had to take a break from the shows in order to create "Wash Your Mouth Out." I am not sure how many dates I played this year, but it wasn't nearly as many as I played the first year I was in the market after doing well at a national showcase."

What's the main takeaway from a show with Dana Alexandra? "I think when a lot of people leave they end up feeling like they know me a little bit. My performances are very personal and I like to talk about why I wrote the songs and where they come from. I make fun of myself and my life," she says, the smile clear in her voice even through the phone. "I just have a really big sense of humor, so it is usually a pretty funny show...or so I'm told (laughs)."

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