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From the Publisher - What Can We Do For You?


What Can We Do For You?

The staff at Campus Activities Magazine® is always looking for ways to improve what we do and make your buying experience more enjoyable and rewarding. Since our last issue of last school year, we took the approach that we needed to move this magazine forward in a manner more adaptable to technology as it changes.

The first thing that happened over the summer was that with the help of one of our loyal supporters who wished to be nameless here, we developed new apps in both the Apple and Android formats.

It is no secret that Apple has become the most profitable company in the world and that is the direct result of making bullet-proof products that are easy on the eye, known for their creative design and functionality and super reliability. The company has a following of a huge number of supporters who live and breathe their Apple products.

Since we have long been supporters of Apple, our first goal was to develop apps for Apple users.

So first out of the gate was our new app this summer for all Apple devices: the iPod, the iPhone and the Retina display iPad. But we didn't leave the Android users waiting either. While the Android app was developed a few weeks after the Apple app, they both hit the market at the same time due to Apple's very stringent review of all applications destined for their products. You are going to see more and more product available on these apps as time passes. Right now we are in the midst of making years of back content available on our apps. It's a tedious and lengthy project but I think we already have most of the last few years loaded.


The next step was to help our advertisers get more online exposure for their ads.

Already the magazine is available in a flip digital online edition with active url and email links. And all the stories on all the artists featured in our magazine are available each month with video content - and in HD when it is available. But it is impossible to cover all the content in the ads from our supporters until now.

In the very near future, you will find a supporter's section at the bottom of our home page and as a drop down menu from the menu bar.

On the home page, each advertiser with an ad in the current issue will have a logo displayed (Entertainment Warehouse Advertisers will be located under the EW logo). By either clicking on the logo from the home page or accessing the advertiser from the Supporter drop down menu from the menu bar, you will be taken to that supporter's ad.

Not only that, each ad can be supported by a video for the act or agency at no extra charge to the advertiser. Full Page Advertisers are allowed space to load three (3) videos, Half page advertisers can load two (2) videos and all other display advertisers can load one (1) video. ALL VIDEOS MUST REPRESENT THE ADVERTISING CONTENT. Advertisers with multiple pages will be linked with a drop down to the next ad and the videos that support it. All you have to do is supply us with the links and we will load the video content for you.

The duration of the ad displayed and the video content is for the current life of that issue. When a new issue is released, content will be changed to support the advertisers in that edition. Advertisers with annual contracts can elect to leave the existing video in place or replace it with new content. Again, the video must be relevant to the content of the ad(s).


To give you a head's up on what we are planning for the future, CAM is planning to completely turn our ARC (Artist Report Card) system into an intelligent buying system for campuses. We have already instituted the option for campuses to complete ARCs online or from their mobile devices. This system will format the results of your reports into a database that we want to take online in real time.

What the future will bring is that every artist asking to have reports through our system will provide us with a photo, a bio (based on our criteria), agency support and contact for the artist at the agency.

When a campus goes in to search for an artist, our plan is they can search by agency, artist, genre and any of several other criteria. If you know the first name or last name of the artist, you can search by "Adam" or "Grabowski", "comedy" or "Auburn Moon" or other data supplied in the act's bio. You will have access to the act's current real-time scores at the minute you are online as well as access to all of their past reports cards complete with buyer comments. For artists and agencies who are supporters of the magazine, you will also be able to add a video along with the artist's name, bio and contact information. For those who are not advertisers or supported by an agency that is an advertiser, they will be able to add the video for a nominal fee.

We are planning to possibly have this process in place around mid-2013 at which point we hope to make your shopping experience easy because not only will you have all the data, video and contact information but you will have a complete performance history at your fingertips.