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Gregg Frisbee - More Than Magic


Are you bored with run of the mill variety entertainment? Are you awash in a world of average grey when you just want a little color on stage? Are you ready for a new "spin" on live novelty? Did you really think this story would not include some form of that pun? Greg Frisbee is a very busy man, working over 200 dates a year (most of them in the summer time festival circuit) and a veteran of over 10 years experience, but is just now discovering the joys of entertaining the vibrant demographic of the campus market. "I started performing in the mid 1990s, in the Boston area of New England where I grew up and went to school. I began by street performing, but it wasn't until about 2000 that I consider myself to have been really performing professionally."

Variety performers seem to occupy a space in the campus market unique to any other type of act. Comics for example, tend to do well the closer they are in age to their audience. Not a given, but a good rule of thumb. The same can largely be said of music acts. But, variety is a little different. Sure, it couldn't hurt to have a juggler or magician growing up watching the same cartoons as your students, but there is a lot to be said for experience, especially when you are talking about an entertainer who performs feats of skill. There are things Greg can do now that he couldn't have shown an audience when he was 20, and he has honed perhaps the most difficult skill for any performer to a razor-sharp point: crowd control. Being able to manage, relate to and communicate with any given crowd nullifies any consideration an age gap might create between audience and performer. "I try to always work on new things to be creative and keep it fresh. I want to be a little bit edgy and have people guessing." From flying rubber chickens to masterful escapes, Greg knows how to keep an audience on it's toes, but beyond experience, uniqueness, variety or the professionalism in his show, perhaps the most significant and universal draw for campus buyers is the fact that Greg's performance is all ages. From 8-80, he is the perfect choice for little sibs, family weekend, or nearly any demographic you can imagine.

Truly, we have struck on Greg's greatest talent, and that is his ability to perform for such a wide variety of audiences and attune his show to each one, learning this skill through working shows at tons of fairs and festivals, performing arts centers, corporations, casinos and yes, colleges. "I want to appeal to everyone from the 8-80 crowd, but I find the 16-30 year old market (which lines up very nicely with the college market coincidentally) for some reason has the strongest reaction to my show. Probably the more dangerous elements of the show draw them in, things like juggling knives or lighting myself on fire or a few daring escapes I do. I do things that are totally absurd, like launching rubber chickens out of cannons." Check out

Of course with a show like this, you can't be light on laughs, and Greg seems to have found his niche there too. "The humor of my show appeals to a wide variety of people. There are 'jokes' in there that are for everyone, but I think the real appeal is in a more organic, physical sort of comedy that comes from the natural absurdity of what I do for a living. And heck, everyone can relate to that."

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