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Winthrop University - 2013 Best Campus Program


Over the years, there is little doubt Winthrop University has become one of the most honored and recognized program boards in the country and it's little wonder, as their director is one of the most distinguished and honored in the country as well. It is fitting that Winthrop and Boyd would both be honored independently this year, with Winthrop winning Campus Program Board of the Year from our Readers (and not for the first time) as Boyd Jones enters the twilight of a very long and fulfilling career, one which has culminated in a recent Lifetime Achievement Award from the APCA. Boyd has maintained a lifelong passion for what he does, as is evidenced every time you see an email from him. His signature reads "One hundred years from now, it won't matter what car I drove or how big of a house I owned, but what will matter is what effect I had on the life of a student."

Last year Boyd was given NACA's Founder's Award, and a few years back was put in the Campus Activities Magazine Hall of Fame (just thought to note we got there first). "I guess you could call it the Holy Trinity of the campus programming," he laughs. "I have tried to do what I feel was right and put on good quality entertainment for the campus I work for, and build great students and a sense of campus community. Money has never been at the forefront in my life, and I can't imagine anything more fulfilling than working in student life. We were honored to have Boyd sit down and tell the readers a little bit about Winthrop's program board and their reaction to this Award."

"We are in a new building in new offices this year, then all of a sudden halfway through the year my assistant got an Advisor's position at Auburn. I literally had to hire someone with NO campus activities experience to be an interim because it was right before Welcome Week. Luckily Prescott May turned out to be just incredible. He worked with me until we got an official search process done and then he got a job in finance. We hired Deborah Strahorn form the University of Northern Kentucky and she began in December."

Clearly Winthrop continues to separate itself, both in doing great programs and treating the people who perform them great. Artists and agents repeatedly praise Winthrop as one of their favorite places to perform, and they backed that up this year by voting them Campus Program Board of the Year.

For more information on Winthrop and DSU, contact them at (803) 323-2299.