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Bass/Schuler Entertainment


Bass/Schuler Entertainment has been the unprecedented king of the Agency of The Year Award, winning what is now seven years out of their 15 in business. That's a pretty stellar batting average (keeping in mind that no one nominee can win the same Award two consecutive years).

Scott Bass and Chris Schuler are the partners that started the company, and since the former stays locked in his dungeon selling acts like a madman, the latter tends to be the public face of the company and gives Campus Activities Magazine an interview with some insights on their success.

The agency stared in 1999, with just Scott and Chris. "We were both with another agency at the time and decided to strike out on our own. I can't believe it has been so long, but it has. It's kind of like a marriage looking back on it (laughs). We hit the ground running with a strong and well-balanced roster and many of those acts are still with us today. Guys like Christopher Carter, Jason Levasseur and Frederick Winters have been with us since the beginning."

It has always been BSE's focus to be able to provide their services across the full spectrum of campus programming. "Our goal has always been to be a full service agency that could cover the full aspect of what a programming board would want to bring to their campus. It seemed to make the most sense for Scott and I to give each programming board every opportunity to have a chance to work with us. We didn't want to exclude any type of entertainment, so we searched that out and feel that we have secured the strongest roster we could that could cover all aspects of a school's schedule." Just because BSE has secured their position as one of the top tier agencies in the market doesn't mean they are kicking back and taking it easy. "We are not resting on our laurels by any means," Chris says. "We still work hard every day at our office to not only take care of our artists but also the schools who trust us to book shows for their students. It means a lot to Scott and I that being an agent is more of a vocation than a profession for us both. We have this great opportunity to work closely with artists that have a passion and a desire to do what they do and it is invigorating to be around people who love what they do."

That passion for being the best and providing the best possible products and service to the campus market has made them a natural selection to rise to the top. "Most jobs that people might have aren't around folks like that, who care so deeply about what they do and the people they do it for and it's great to be part of that energy and keep that going. To help acts succeed and programming boards host successful events is part of what Scott and I and the rest of the team at Bass/Schuler work towards every day." They have not gotten caught in the trap of infinite capitalistic expansion, maintaining an office and staff size that is just right to remain the well-oiled machine that keeps contracts going out and clients happy on a daily basis. "Our office has stayed small to make sure that we can maintain what we do and we don't expand too much in a way that might cause a loss of quality in what we are presenting or our level of service. We want to be the best college agency that we can possibly be. The campus market is not just one facet of what we do; it IS what we do."

Bass/Schuler Entertainment: (773) 481-2600,