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Fastest Rising Star


Sammy Obeid is a hot new commodity in the campus market pulling down a major win with the Fastest Rising Star Award for 2014. "I am honored, first of all, especially snce it's a competition that didn't seem that easy to win. Many times when entertainers are nominated for online voting competitions there are so many ways to fraud the system. This was a real competition where people have to use a .edu address and can only be affiliated with colleges. That really made it seem legitimate and a much more meaningful win," he says.

He's gained notoriety with his project "1,000 Days of Comedy" where he notably performed 1,000 consecutive days of comedy without missing a single day!

Sammy has quite a background in higher education and performs a highbrow sort of comedy that intelligent audiences on campus seem to appreciate more than the comedy club crowd. "I am a math major and very analytical. Sometimes folks have to think a little bit, but I still like to think that my comedy is broad based. But I do like to play at the top of people's intelligence. I do a lot of word play, math and language analysis and I talk about some cultural humor. I also share fun facts in my set.

"I always had a knack for public speaking, which I started doing in high school. I graduated and went to a community college where I did speech and debate competitively. Someone saw me do a speech and told me I should try out for a comedy competition. I did very well and never looked back, so the campus market seemed like a perfect for me as a performer."

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