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Best Variety Performer


chrisjones (one word) is the hot new hypnotist on the tip of everyone's tongue. This is clearly marked by this big win for him this year for the Best Variety Performer of 2014 among a field of extremely dignified nominees, including the former Entertainer of The Year Mike Super.

In the few of short years he has been in the market, chrisjones has performed at almost 300 schools, with a rebooking rate to be proud of. He credits much of this success not only to hard work and the tutelage of his mentor Frederick Winters, but also in being with one of the top agencies in the market.

"I got with Bass/Schuler Entertainment just after I had finished grad school and was working full time at a university as a residence hall director. They saw my material and said 'Okay, you're pretty good. If you're really good, we will keep you and if not, and we don't sign contracts, you will be done (laughs). I took that as a sign I was in, quit my job later that month and still hadn't performed a show. I moved all my stuff back to my dad's house - that was three years ago. It's crazy, I am back in Chicago on Friday at the place I did my very first show and I can't believe how far I've come in so short a time. It really has come full circle."

Performing around 75 shows his first year, 90 in his second, this third year he is on par to hit well over 100. They have all been very successful, according to his rebooking rate. "68 schools have rebooked me three times in three years, which is pretty darn cool."

He is incredibly grateful to have received this award, especially among the field he was nominated amongst. "When I heard Mike Super was in the competition, I just said 'All right, I give up. A friend was nominated as well and I messaged him and said 'Hey, let's keep our friendship and just see what happens' and he agreed completely. I respect him as a performer deeply, we were at IHOP eating together when we found out we were nominated for this category. I think this Award could have gone any way for any of the artists nominated, they are all fantastic and I am incredibly grateful this one swung my way."

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