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Best Comedy Performance


Some might consider this Award a step down for Mission: IMPROVable, since last year they carried the Entertainer Of The Year Award and our April 2013 cover, but since we don't allow any artist to win the same category two years consecutively, the Award this year for Best Comedy Performance shows that MI is still in the running and at the top of their game.

It's a four man improvisation troupe that can come to school and make each show unique and one of a kind for your students. Aaron Krebs is a founder and brainchild of the organization.

"The show is an interactive comedy show that is very infectiously fun. We use a lot of audience participation and crowd work. It works almost as icebreaking to a degree, when we talk to students and really get them to open up and get to know not only the guys on stage, but each other as well. The show itself is a series of improv games, some of the classics that many people do and some of them are those that we created or crafted to fit our particular chemistry for the campus market."

Many improv troupes have come and gone in the campus market but MI has somehow figured out how to remain consistent, relevant and at the top of the request list for campuses across the country. "I think what sets our show apart is that we spend a lot of time on selecting the right performers who fit our personal philosophy of the show. When you watch the show, it's not like watching a performance. It's like seeing four friends goof on each other and with the audience and the audience feels like they are a part of it. I think that is a huge element of our success."

Info: Bass/Schuler Entertainment: (773) 481-2600,