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Brent Morin


Brent Morin is an increasingly popular standup who has lately become noteworthy through his role on NBC's "Undateable." The show has been renewed for a 10 episode second season on July 31, 2014. While Brent's star is on the rise and he is quickly becoming a recognizable face, his standup career has been some time in the making.

"I started standup when I was in college at about 18 years old. I was in film school and wanted true criticism on my writing. I went to a comedy club and saw lots of first timers and my own thought was 'I could do that,' so I did. I was terrible."

Brent was somewhat discouraged, but also motivated by the trial. "I decided I didn't want to go out like that. I didn't want to be some grandfather saying 'I tried that once and I was horrible at it.' Somewhere in my head I had always thought I would be good at it, so it ate at me. I just kept doing it while I was in college and eventually became addicted to it."

Attending Columbia College in Los Angeles, Brent was in a good location to get a standup career started and attending an arts school in L.A. indicates his desire early on to be in the entertainment industry. "To write, direct and act were always my interests, so I thought standup might be a good way to end up in that. Honestly, it is kind of working the way I had hoped it would. I still do standup, I didn't know if I would once I had used it to get the TV and film gigs I wanted but I found I love it so much I don't think I will ever walk away from it completely."

Brent's influences in comedy early on aren't so clear cut to him, neither is the moment he decided he wanted to be in this career field. "People ask me that all the time and it's hard to answer. I think by first or second grade I was on the path. I have always been surrounded by the arts. My older brother was a concert pianist and I remember that growing up as a teenager. He was eight years older than me so I remember him being in college and we would have opera singers living with us and I had to go to every musical, play and concert he had a pianist. My little brother was a violinist and a figure skater, so he was a performer as well. He never did both at the same time unfortunately, or he'd be a lot more known than me (laughs)."

With his parents so fully involved in the arts, Brent says his perspective on creativity and live performance was shaped early on. "I started very young and I was never really embarrassed to try new things out. I created a lot of stuff on my own and never really liked listening to the influence of other people."

You might wonder what Brent's parents thought about having one son as a concert pianist, another as a violinist/skater and the third as, well...a standup comic? "They love it actually," he says laughing. "The thing is my little brother who played violin was a professional figure skater for a while, then just up and decided he wanted to be a doctor, so he went to school to learn how to be a surgeon. My older brother played Carnegie Hall when he was like 19, but then stopped and went into the tech field. I was the only one who stuck with the creative arts and what is interesting is that if my mom had her way, she would love for all three of us to perform. She'd love my brothers to be a starving pianist and an Olympic hopeful. From her point of view life is about going for what you love and working as hard as you can to get it. It's the same as my dad always said. So for me, the standup part is something I never planned on doing but the writing, directing and acting was. Now, I get to act in a sitcom on primetime network TV and am making large steps toward my goals. They couldn't be more proud. I never had parents who were like 'maybe you should think about a backup.' It always felt natural for me to pursue that dream."

And Brent has his dream within reach. "At my age, it's crazy. I am 27 years old and in Tampa right now about to perform at The Oddball Fest, with the people that are literally my heroes. I am playing an amphitheater with Louis C.K. tonight! It's crazy, ridiculous and awesome.

Enjoying his explosive standup career, a slot on 'Undateable' and looking forward to a long career in Hollywood, young Brent Morin is at the prime place in his life to be a perfect option for the campus market. Get him while you still can!

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