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Maggie Maye


Maggie Maye is the epitome of a fresh face in comedy, . . . and in the college market. Originally from a small town in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, she always wanted to be a comedian. "As a kid I would watch Whoopie Goldberg and Robin Williams and Comic Relief and I just always wanted to be like that when I grew up. I always wanted to be someone that made people laugh. As I grew up that desire materialized in acting more than regular standup, but I was always writing. I would write different sets and material trying to work out my sense of humor."

Maggie didn't have much confidence initially in the sets she wrote, until she did. "I wrote out a set one day and thought it was kind of funny, but not quite ready. A voice in my head then said 'If you don't try this now, you are never going to do it.' That fear of not ever trying what I really wanted to do scared me enough to call up an open mic night and sign up to perform. I never looked back from there. It's like when something switches on inside of you and you realize 'Oh, this is what I have been looking for.'"

Since then, Maggie has performed at several comedy festivals and opened for acts like Godfrey, Hannibal Burress, and Earth, Wind & Fire. Being about halfway between New York and L.A., she wasn't in one of the cities traditionally thought of as major comedy market. Fortunately, it turned out there was a thriving scene just near her home town. "I was very lucky, because I started doing standup in Austin, Texas. Austin has just a fantastic pool of talent and venues to perform in. In just the years I have been doing this there seems to be more and more really talented people coming out of the area. There are even people coming from Seattle, New York and L.A. just for the purpose of doing standup, which I think is phenomenal. We are getting great recognition from the rest of the standup community in the country as being a great place to come and perform. So, I was very lucky to be able to start my career there."

Those of you not familiar with the area may not have caught the significance of this to the college market, but it turns out this was the perfect training ground for a campus comic hopeful. Austin is a college town, claiming not only the University of Texas at Austin, but also Concordia University - Texas, Huston- Tillotson University and St. Edwards University, among others. With a total population shy of 1 million, the campus community is very large, considering just UT boasts over 50,000 students by itself. "I was really lucky to start in Austin because it has very smart crowds. Compared to some other major urban markets, the population is very well educated. I love playing to university crowds because they are smart and they want to think. They have taken the leap in their life to spend the next several years learning, and I have found those types of people to be very receptive to my particular brand of comedy."

Maggie began her career working shows in and around UT and it gave her a taste for the market. "I started off doing a lot of different shows at UT and it was fantastic. It makes me so excited to go out and see other colleges and perform for those students. I can't wait for this year to get started."

She has had some experience with campus activities boards and their booking processes, and with KP Comedy, she has an agency that really knows the market. You can be sure she will know the drill come game time, but this is her first year in the organized conferencing world of NACA. "In previous years I have done shows for fundraisers at universities and some academic fraternities. I have also done some residence life and housing events with incoming freshmen. It is really fun to be the very first entertainment they see when they come to college, many of them living in a new city and on their own for the first time. I hope that the fun they have that night is something that helps put them at ease in that transition."

For this to be Maggie's first year in the NACA market, she is already on fire. Call KP Comedy and get a prime slot on her routing this year while you are reading this because Maggie has been selected for not one, two or three, but FOUR showcases. "I applied for four and I just heard back that I was selected for them all. I am so excited for that and to perform for those conference delegates. My agent, Gina Kirkland, made it very clear that we might have captured lightning in a bottle here, because that kind of result from a first time applicant is pretty rare. I am very much looking forward to going in and killing those showcases and hopefully being very busy in the campus market."

The interesting thing is perhaps Maggie has come in at just the right time and with the right agent. She has a personal connection to the campus activities world that could have led her into the market before she was ready. "I have a brother who actually works at the University of Texas-Pan American and he used to be the campus activities director there. He has been telling me for quite some time that I would love the NACA circuit and I should get involved with it. I have been keeping him up to date with what has been going on this year and he is getting me so excited. He has told me about how the conferences are really built of a community and everyone is having lunch or dinner together there and watching the talent. It sounds like such a fun time and a great opportunity. I am super excited!"

Maggie's style is smart, obviously, but she's very fun and upbeat as well. "I feel like I talk about my upbringing and background so people can see the lens through which I view the world. I see that standup is very subjective; it's a collection of personal thoughts and opinions which may not line up with other people's. So, I talk about myself and how I am not the stereotypical person some people might expect by looking at me, in other words I like a lot of things that you might not expect a young woman of my background to be into. I also have a lot of observational material in my sets. These are things I notice and think are weird, sometimes things we all do without thinking. I like to explore things that people do automatically because it's ingrained in us, not because its something we each independently decide is right on our own."

Maggie is introspective and contemplative, traits that many college students are freshly cultivating. "I'm a thinker; I like to think a lot and share those things with other people. Most of the time I think those things are pretty relatable to a wide audience, but it seems to resonate especially well with the college demographic. That is really exciting. I could not have found a better place to do comedy than the college market and to have been lucky enough to not only connect with KP Comedy but also have such great success with the showcase selections seems like it could be the beginning of a dream come true."

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