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Picture of Ben Seidman

BEN SEIDMAN: Ben Seidman is the Resident Magician at Mandalay Bay, Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. For three-seasons he was creative consultant for Mindfreak on A&E, during which he designed the illusions performed by Criss Angel. He uses sleight-of-hand and manipulations to pick-pockets, read minds and suspend disbelief. His performances weave these moments around comedy and stories about living in Vegas.

Picture of DAKABOOM

DAKABOOM: Music driven Comedy duo DAKABOOM combines musical genres to modernize and reinvent the vaudeville art form. These two great friends have credits like Ben being on General Hospital and The Sing Off and Paul was the original piano player on the first season of GLEE. They blew up NACA Nationals last year as the top booked act.

Picture of Dan Henig

DAN HENIG: Taking his influences from artists as varied as Coldplay, Leonard Cohen, and Led Zeppelin, Dan creates distinctive and unforgettable original music. His songs are catchy and inspired, with a lyrical depth that you might not expect at first listen. Dan has a unique ability to remain accessible without "selling out". He encourages audience participation and spontaneitty.

Picture of Frank Deville

FRANK DEVILLE: At the age of 17, Frank DeVille discovered a natural knack for magic. He was soon performing on the street, bringing in enough money to pay for his BFA in Theatre from George Mason University. Frank captivates individuals with his up-close sleight of hand and impossible tricks. This magic show is a unique blend of side-splitting comedy and jaw dropping magic.

Picture of Kayte Grace

KAYTE GRACE: "Praised by the Washington Post as "impressive" and "a talented musician" and featured for a week by YouTube, Kayte Grace (the cousin of 5 time Grammy Winner Victor Wooten) is three albums deep just a few years after teaching herself to play guitar. The heart of Kayte's music is her live show, performing over 200 shows in 19 states, including a performance during SXSW at Red Gorilla Music Fest (Austin, TX).

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Picture of Kazual

KAZUAL: Kazual is one of the hottest and freshest Acapella Troupes to hit the market!, Kazual's sound is SMOOTH, RICH and REFINED. Blending beats with ballads, these guys bring an audience to their feet. With crowd-pleasing covers and original arrangements, Kazual is SERIOUS entertainment for everyone! Kazual blends harmonious styles and eclectic mixes with choreographed dance and dub-step.

Picture of Von Shakes

VON SHAKES: Von Shakes, "One of Ireland's greatest live acts in years," (Today FM) are the latest Irish Import to embody the sound of youth, angst, and chaos as they take over American soil. Paddy Brazel (vocals/guitar), Hugh O'Reilly (guitar/backing vocals), Cillian McSweeney (bass/backing vocals), and Ryan Normandin (drums) bring their vivacious rock swagger to every gig they do.

Picture of Brazilian 2wins

BRAZILIAN 2WINS: Recently featured on the cover of Campus Activities Magazine, the Brazilian 2wins continue to excite and captivate with their charismatic on-stage persona and incredibly high energy musical performances. Featuring a lead violin and ukulele, they are known internationally for their signature look and one-of-a-kind sound. Their ability to incorporate different genres is an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Picture of Will Champlin

WILL CHAMPLIN: Will is a multi Grammy Award-winning songwriter and "The Voice" Top 3 Finalist. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, this accomplished singer-songwriter and versatile multi-instrumentalist has performed, recorded and toured extensively with legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Glenn Frey of the Eagles, Santana and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Picture of Five Times August

FIVE TIMES AUGUST: Five Times August is the solo project of singer/songwriter Bradley James Skistimas. Often noted as the poster child of "Do It Yourself" indie artists, Skistimas' music with FTA has been licensed over 80 times to popular TV shows, commercials, and indie films. Five Times August was the first completely unsigned artist in history to get an album nationally distributed across the United States in Walmart stores.

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Picture of COMETRY

COMETRY: COMETRY has developed a unique new art form that blends comedy and performance poetry. We use this technique to amuse and educate students. COMETRY's message teaches valuable leadership, social, and diversity skills, while also keeping listeners entertained and engaged.
COMETRY has different two programs they offer for campues: the G.R.A.V. program and the L.I.P. program.

Picture of Vladimir Caamano

VLADIMIR CAAMANO: With the name "Vladimir" no one expects a Dominican from The Bronx to take the stage. Vladimir is an NBC Standup for Diversity Finalist and was a popular member of the 2013 tour. Most recently, he's been seen on AXS.TV's "Gotham Comedy Live", Standup 360, ComedyTime, and NUVO TV's "Standup and Deliver".

Picture of Dynamic Duo

DYNAMIC DUO: They are poetry's favorite crime fighting pair. Heralded for their high energy live performances involving complex dual voice work, comedy, and emotionally raw poetry Panama Soweto and Ken Arkind have brought their show to both coasts. They weave together pop culture with social issues and life experience to deliver a performance that leaves the audience impressed and wanting more.

Picture of Jeffrey Jay

JEFFREY JAY: Jeffrey Jay is a transgender comedian, comedy writer for the Feast of Fun podcast, and public speaker. Jeffrey entered the college market in 2013 and within a year was selected to showcase at EVERY NACA conference within that calendar year! He is a three time winner of QLive's LGBT It Only Makes Me Laugh open mic competition, and a Finalist in The Funniest Comic in Texas 2012.

Picture of Lacey Roop

LACEY ROOP: Lacey placed 6th at the Women of the World Poetry Slam and has been ranked the number one female poet in Austin for the past three years. Lacey has also represented Austin twice at the Individual World Poetry Slam as well has been a two-time member of the Austin Poetry Slam. She has shared stages with artists ranging from Pushcart Prize nominee Andrea Gibson to the Grammy Award-winning band The Wailers.

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Picture of Del Suggs

DEL SUGGS: It would be tough to find anyone in the College Market who has changed more lives than Del Suggs. His leadership and higher ed programs emphasize personal leadership skills, organizational techniques, and interpersonal skills in ways that truly empower student leaders. Del teaches students to maximize their leadership skills while using the technology they love. His book "Truly Leading: Lessons in Leadership" is in it's sixth printing since 2009.

Picture of Girls Fight Back logo

GIRLS FIGHT BACK: The GFB presentation is conducted by professionally trained speakers and self-defense instructors who explain how to live the unstoppable life you desire without fear, how to trust your intuition, how to address violence in social situations, and how to create a safer campus environment, . . . but, most importantly how to LIVE and LOVE your life in the process and know that YOU ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

Picture of Aman Ali

AMAN ALI: Aman Ali is an award winning storyteller and one of the most popular social media personalities in the Muslim community today. With a background in newspaper reporting, Aman is a provocative, engaging and relevant speaker. He's made appearances on dozens of media outlets such as the New York Times, CNN, HBO, ABC News, and NPR to talk about his upbringing as a 20-something Muslim born and raised in America.

Picture of Shot of Reality logo

SHOT OF REALITY: From Mission IMPROVable comes a show that combines improv comedy, audience participation, and education. It provides an honest, engaging, humorous and sober look at alcohol awareness on campus. It educates students about encountering alcohol in a college environment. A Shot of Reality will make audiences laugh, think, and inform their behavior towards alcohol.

Picture of Sex Signals promo

SEX SIGNALS: "Sex Signals" provides a provocative in-your-face look at the issues of dating, sexual assault/harassment, date rape, the core issue of consent, and bystander intervention strategies. Students are thus engaged in a candid discussion on dating and the realities of consent as they are challenged to provide solutions that will better improve communications in interpersonal relationships. It has become one of the most talked about lecture programs

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Picture of Ash Beckham

ASH BECKHAM: With an arresting blend of urgency and humor, Ash takes on topics like being trapped in a closet, the difference between tolerance and acceptance, and the need to remove the word "gay" as a pejorative from our lexicon. With wildly funny and poignant stories, and a tough yet deeply compassionate stance, Ash tells us how to take off the armor. Ash declares to her audiences "Hard is Hard. There is no Harder. There is only Hard."

Picture of Jessie Campbell

JESSI CAMPBELL: Performing at over 300 college campuses, Jessi Campbell is an energetic and passionate comedian performing her unique blend of high-energy story-telling and dead-pan sarcasm. She has performed at the Boston Comedy Festival, Great American Comedy festival & was written for "Life and Style" Magazine. Jessi was the People's Choice winner for the 2009 Aspen RooftopComedy Festival.

Picture of Darrelle London

DARRELLE LONDON: With the Toronto Star writing that Darrelle London "Reminds one of Kate Nash channeling Jill Sobule with a dash of Ben Folds," it's no wonder that London's playful sound has earned her many fans, including some global tastemakers. Darrelle's burgeoning career include touring North America, being chosen by Sarah McLachlan to perform at Lilith Fair, and placing her music on hit shows like 90210.

Picture of Alysia Wood

ALYSIA WOOD: Alysia Wood's CD, "Princess", released by Grammy award-winning producer, Dan Schlissel of Stand Up! Records and was featured in the "New & Noteworthy" section of iTunes, selected by the Serious Comedy Site as a "2012 Top 10 Stand-up Comedy MP3 albums and CD" and is available on Virgin Airlines flights. She was recently featured in the documentary, "I Am Road Comic", Hulu's West Coast Comedy and Niecy Nash's Yahoo series, "Let's Talk About Love."

Picture of Frangela

FRANGELA: Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton are real life best friends. Frangela was seen on NBC's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, they were featured on Oprah's "Funniest Stand Up's in the Country" episode, they're well known for razor sharp commentary on VH1's Best Week Ever and brought hilarity to the big screen in the hit film He's Just Not That Into You. Frances and Angela are regular "Pop Cultural Pundits" on NBC's The Today Show and Dateline.

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Picture of Eh440

EH440: Eh440, an award winning acappella group from Toronto Canada They have been honoured with the Galaxie Rising Star Award and recently appeared on the hit show Dragons' Den ... and got a deal (Canada's version of Shark Tank). They cover contemporary pop songs that everybody knows and loves but the real focus is on writing and arranging their own original material.

Picture of Kaycie Gunn

KAYCIE GUNN: aycie is a versatile and dynamic artist. A bit of a walking paradox, with long raven tresses, sweet dimples and southern charm, this Texas girl has a passion for rap, rhyme and rhythm that permeates everything she does. Beat boxing, live loop technology and original lyrics make Kaycie's performances innovative and without limits! With vulnerability, passion, attitude and raw talent, Kaycie crafts a lyric and a beat that are contagious and unforgettable.

Picture of AKNU

AKNU: Receiving a standing ovation on Fox's The X Factor, AKNU were featured on MTV and in Italian Vogue, Ebony, and Vanity Fair magazines. Despite a turbulent upbringing, the brothers found an escape in their love of music and dance. Their passion for creating and performing music has honed their incredible natural talent and turned them into dynamic and inspiring performers

Picture of Mitch Clark

MITCH CLARK: Mitch Clark was not a musician growing up; he was a golfer. In college, the golf program recruiter gave him an old guitar, and since that day Mitch's life has taken a huge turn to music. His college debut in January 2014 marked the beginning of Mitch becoming one of the most booked artists on the college scene, having been booked at 87 colleges to date.

Picture of Nick Guerra

NICK GUERRA: Nick Guerra has blasted onto the comic scene and has quickly become one of the most memorable comedians you will ever see. Originally from Texas, Nick can be seen all over the country touring with Jo Koy, Michael Yo, and Pablo Francisco. Nick has recently appeared on fellow comic Gabriel Igelsias's hit Comedy Central series - Stand Up Revolution and blew the crowd away with his comedic approach on relationships.

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Picture of Eric Dittelman

ERIC DITTELMAN: Eric Dittelman is probably best known as a semi-finalist on NBC's "America's Got Talent". Having amazed all of America on national TV, he continues to perform at colleges, comedy clubs and corporate events all across the country. He combines amazing mind reading with stand-up and improv comedy and has honed his comedy skills with Second City, Upright Citizen's Brigade and Improv Boston.

Picture of Rudy Francisco

RUDY FRANCISCO: As an artist, Rudy Francisco combines activism and poetry to enlighten the minds of those who witness his performance. Rudy eloquently absorbs the experiences of those around him, synthesizes them and converts their stories into poetry. He has made conscious efforts to cultivate young poets and expose the youth to the genre of Spoken Word Poetry through workshops.

Picture of G. Yamazawa

G. YAMAZAWA: At 24 years old, George "G" Yamazawa, Jr. is widely considered one of the top young spoken word artists in the U.S.,Born and raised with a Buddhist background, G is a National Poetry Slam Champion, two-time Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist, and 3x Southern Fried Champion. He has toured in over 40 American cities and 5 European countries, and has been a featured performer at the Sundance.

Picture of Joel Meyers

JOEL MEYERS: Joel Meyers, a young interactive comedy illusionist who has already taken the world by storm. Performing a progressive brand of magic for celebrities and audiences of all types and ages worldwide. Newsweek magazine says Joel quite simply "will capture your imagination. Joels varied and impressive résumé includes everything from star performances off Broadway, to countless shows for IFortune 500 Companies.

Picture of Gary Johnson

GARY JOHNSON: Gary is a Highly-Interactive Entertainer who has shared the stage with dozens of multi-platinum groups, playing sold out venues. He has recorded and toured with former members of The Fray, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Boston, and others. Gary has received rave reviews on his fully-interactive show which promotes overwhelming crowd participation.

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Picture of Mat Franco

MAT FRANCO: Mat has developed a unique performance style that blends college humor with shocking magic. He is recognized for creating interactive presentations for his audiences that allow for spontaneity and improvisation. In early 2014, Mat decided to enter NBC's America's Got Talent competition. Competing against a wide variety of the country's top talent, Mat emerged as the first magician to win the show's top spot.

Picture of Tom Cotter

TOM COTTER: Tom Cotter was the first comedian to reach the finals of NBC's "America's Got Talent". His runner up finish on the show has catapulted him to the comedic stratosphere. He has also won the Seattle International Comedy Competition, the grand prize at The Boston Comedy Festival and was voted "Best Stand-Up" at The Las Vegas Comedy Festival. Credits include The Tonight Show, "Last Comic Standing", The Today Show and his own series, TWO-FUNNY.

Picture of Justin Willman

JUSTIN WILLMAN: Justin Willman is a magician, comedian and TV host best known for his regular appearances on The Tonight Show, Ellen and Comedy Central. He also hosts the hit show, Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. Back in the day (2007-2010), Justin was named Campus Activities Magazine's "Entertainer of the Year" for a record FOUR years in a row. Justin is now in production on his own magic variety show pilot for Comedy Central along with executive producer Chris Hardwick.

Picture of Captial Cities

CAPITAL CITIES: Capital Cities first came together as a duo of composers/songwriters Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian. The two initially met on craigslist in 2008 and worked as jingle writers until they formed the band in 2010. They released an EP independently in 2011 that included the song "Safe and Sound," an upbeat mesh of programming and melody that went viral and gained the act a lot of Internet exposure.

Picture of Gabriel Iglesias

GABRIEL IGLESIAS: Gabriel Iglesias has been described as a witty, electrifying and talented performer, who has the ability to consistently deliver a uniquely hilarious comedy experience. His high-octane show is a sure-fire hit: a mixture of storytelling, parodies, characters and sound effects that bring all his personal experiences to life. Gabriel's unique and animated comedy style has made him popular among fans of all ages.

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Picture of New York Party Works logo

NEW YORK PARTY WORKS: NY Party Works is fully insured for $6,000,000 of general liability, and a direct source for all interactive entertainment needs. We will gladly help you coordinate any party that you are planning.provgding everything from tents, tables and chairs to food and all the games, amusements and photo systems.Our pricing is very competitive, but if you get a documented quote that is lower, we will match or beat it.

Picture of Fun Enterprises logo

FUN ENTERPRISES: They have hundreds of different programs from photo and artistic to entertainment and education, each leaving your guests with an experience related to the goals of your event. They begin the process by listening and evaluating your client needs andr expectations then look at the programs available to see how to tie them into the experience you are trying to create.

Picture of Record-A-Hit logo

RECORD-A-HIT: We celebrated our 28th anniversary in 2014. We take great pride in our fun, interactive attractions including the Iceless Skating Rink, Spot My Photos, Ultimate Laser Tag GLOW, Photo Cell Phone Cases, Street Signs, Game Hero and Open Photo Booth. Over 200 awesome attractions allow us to help with almost any event in any location nationwide. We are very grateful for the nomination!

Picture of Everything But The Mime

EVERYTHING BUT THE MIME: Our goal is to represent genuinely nice people who offer high quality entertainment at affordable prices." With that mission statement, Everything but the Mime was founded in 1988. Carol prides herself on personal interaction and promises not to do business like your "typical agent." We're not like any other agency you've ever dealt with.

Picture of CEP Inc.

CEP, INC.: CEPis a National Award winning full service Novelty Variety Company specializing in, unique interactive entertainment and prides itself on being the Industry leader, like 'Bongo Ball Mania' and 'Intensity Game Show.' The PEERS division knows how to make learning fun, educational and informative When your event counts, you can count on CEP to do it right!

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Picture of Ronnie Jordan

RONNIE JORDAN: Ronnie has been featured on BET's Comic View, Martin Lawrence Presents The 1st Amendment Stand-up, and P. Diddy Presents Bad Boys of Comedy. Ronnie is quickly making a name for himself as a comic's comic who has shared performance dates with stand-up heavyweights: Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Sinbad, and Dave Chappelle. Known as a road warrior, Ronnie did102 college shows in 112 days all over the country.

Picture of Jen Kober

JEN KOBER: Originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, Kober has taken her southern style and has quickly become a nationally recognized headliner - bringing crowds to their feet with her original blend of stand-up, story telling, and improvised rock-n-roll comedy. Credits include Anger Management, the Mindy Project, HBO, Showtime and Standup in Stilettos on TV Guide Network.

Picture of Dave & Ethan

DAVE & ETHAN: Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell have garnered over 8.5 million YouTube views with their videos about dating. These romance experts interview students and researchthe culture to custom tailor their shows with hilarious dating advice-themed demonstrations, improvisations, original songs. They've performed at over 250 colleges and were nominated as 2013's Entertainers of the Year in Campus Activities Magazine.

Picture of Adam Grabowski

ADAM GRABOWSKI: Adam Grabowski is the highest rated comedian in the nation according this very magazine and thousands of colleges across the country. Activities boards have rated Adam as the best comedian for a remarkable 4 straight years! After winning the Best Comedy Performer award in 2013, Adam went on to place second in the race for 2014 Entertainer of the Year.

Picture of Louis Ramey

LOUIS RAMEY: With 3 Comedy Central specials, plus The Tonight Show, The View, VH1, MTV and becoming a finalist in Last Comic Standing, His standup routine could be seen in over 170 movie theaters across the United Kingdom in "The Comedy Store, Raw and Uncut."
A favorite at comedy festivals worldwide, Louis has recently won the 2014 Gilda's LaughFest Audience Favorite Clean Comedy Award.

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Picture of Mad Chad Taylor

MAD CHAD TAYLOR: There's only one thing more entertaining than a madman juggling chainsaws, and that's when he drops one. This Guinness World Record holder has juggled everything from working video cameras to bowling balls that he can catch with his head. From learning to juggle a chainsaw in a week's time for a television commercial to his first attempt at street theater in Venice Beach at 13, Mad Chad keeps the audience enthralled!

Picture of Jonathan Burns

JONATHAN BURNS: Jonathan Burns always thought he was special. He was the kind of kid who would put his leg over his head at the family reunion or perform musical armpit farts to impress the girls. In 2004, contorting his body and impressing people with his unusual talents became his full-time job. Since then he has performed at over 300 colleges & universities andvoted "Best Variety Artist" by Campus Activities Magazine.

Picture of Mark Toland

MARK TOLAND: Mark Toland's spectacles have captivated audiences nationwide. As a mind reader he combines expertise in mentalism, psychology, and hypnotism to blow your mind. It's easy to see why colleges call Mark's show "a must have on your campus!"

Picture of Chris Ruggiero

CHRIS RUGGIERO: Chris Ruggiero delivers a memorable performance that is created specifically for your event in the One Man Variety Show. From juggling knives to riding a unicycle and executing impossible balance tricks, nothing is off-limits in the show! Chris seamlessly combines amazing abilities with audience involvement to leave the audience in a state of laughter and amazement.

Picture of John Cassidy

JOHN CASSIDY: A comedian, magician and Guinness World Record Holding Balloon Sculptor, Conan O'Brien, The Today Show, and Live with Regis & Kelly. John's "Balloon Freak Show", with its own unique mixture of comedy, magic and "really weird things with balloons" has received rave reviews at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, Monday Night Magic in New York, on Disney Cruise Lines and hundreds of colleges.

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Picture of University of Central Florida

UNIV CENTRAL FLORIDA: The Campus Activities Board (CAB) at the University of Central Florida (UCF) is comprised of eight different committees, each responsible for various types of events including large-scale concerts and comedy shows, speakers, the Mr. and Miss UCF Scholarship Pageants, movie screenings, and so much more. CAB is completely funded and ran by dedicated UCF students who provide entertainment for 60,000 students each year!

Co School of Mines

CO SCHOOL OF MINES: The Mines Activities Council is a premiere organization that continually breaks the mold of campus programming. They are responsible for planning Homecoming, off-campus events, Friday Afternoon Club, outreach events, publicity, movie nights, special events, and E-Days, a 3-day 81 year old campus tradition celebrating Engineers and miners and their history on campus.

Picture of Stanford University

STANFORD UNIVERSITY: "Stanford University's Cardinal Nights program puts on alcohol free programming every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights through the academic year. The program is ran by one professional staff member and 9 student staff. Programs range from craft nights to large scale comedians and concerts. Over the past year, Cardinal Nights had over 26,000 attendees and 170 events."

Picture of Southern New Hampshire University

SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE UNIVERSITY: C.A.P.E. ,Campus Activities Programming Eventsis the organizatioon that ahndles most of the vents on the Southern New hampshire Universitry Campus. Recently programmed were The Theory of a Deadman Concert and Gavin DeGraw. The university has approximately 1,900 traditional, full-time undergraduate day students and a total enrollment in all divisions of about 9,425.

Picture of University of Akron

UNIVERSITY OF AKRON: The Zips Programming Network (ZPN) is the all-campus programming board that sponsors activities like Homecoming, Family Weekend, Adult & Family programs, Movie Series and more. Residence Hall Program Board (RHPB) activities include Welcome Weekend, the Emerging Leaders program, Hall Fest, Sibs Saturday, Residence Life Cinema, road trips, novelty events, the Coffeehouse Series, and Entertainment Series.

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Picture of Degy Entertainment logo

DEGY ENTERTAINMENT: In 2001, Degy Booking International, Inc. launched as the booking arm of Degy Entertainment, and quickly grew to a client base of nearly 100 music acts. Over time, the company developed specialties in the college and military fields, and became one of the most prominent agencies in the world for such niche bookings. The company now books over 2000 events each year.

Picture of Houla Entertainment

HOULA ENTERTAINMENT: is an entertainment promotions and booking company. They coordinates artists for the college/university markets, fairs, festivals, concerts, and private events. Talented artists entertain audiences from the very small and intimate to the very large festival-type.Our musical artists are from various genres of music. Our variety performers that are based in various cities throughout the United States.

Picture of Metropolis Mgmt logo

METROPOLIS MGMT: With 20+ years in the entertainment industry, Metropolis is a boutique agency that focuses on representing diverse,talented, professional and friendly entertainers and artists. Metropolis strives to provide the highest level of services to our clients and customers. As a trusted and respected agency, they lend considerable expertise and knowledge towards making every event a success for customers.

Picture of Sophie K Entertainment logo

SOPHIE K ENTERTAINMENT: Sophie K is a full-service entertainment agency meeting the needs of colleges/universities, corporate events, festivals and clubs. We consider ourselves more of a boutique agency for stand up comedians, bands and variety artists allowing us to pay closer attention to the artists and the customers. We're thrilled to be nominated. We sincerely appreciate it and we appreciate your business even more.

Picture of Kirkland Productions and KP Comedy logos

Kirkland Productions is an entertainment agency specializing in entertainment, cultural, and educational programs for colleges and universities across the country. We pride ourselves on offering professional entertainers, quality programs, and the highest level of service to our customers. Our sister company, KP Comedy, specializes in providing the best comedians for college campuses nationwide.

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Picture of Peter Boie

PETER BOIE: Peter Boie Magician for Non-Believers captivates audiences across the country with his award winning magic that will defy your reality. His show leaves his audience gasping, laughing, and thoroughly entertained. The rave reviews are piling up making him one of the most in demand college performers in the country. Peter lives in Maine and his favorite color is orange.

Picture of The Asia Project

THE ASIA PROJECT: As one of the highest booked acts in the college market, The Asia Project is the premier spoken word artists in the country.

With over 350 schools in the past three years, a HBO Def Poetry appearance and a TEDx speaker it's no wonder why they continue to set the bar for spoken word.

Picture of Sailesh

SAILESH: With more than 15 years under his belt, SAILESH, has performed at a staggering 400+ Colleges and Universities, many with repeat bookings. He is the most sought after hypnotist and variety performer for Orientations, Family Weekends, Spring Festivals and Late Night Events. Dubbed "The World's Best Hypnotist", his live show is a cross between a concert and the best party ever!

Picture of Chloe Hilliard

CHLOE HILLIARD: Chloe Hilliard is a larger than life comedian. Well, that's because she's 6'1 and rocks a killer afro. Raised in a large Hasidic Jewish neighborhood, Chloe has spun her unique experiences into side splitting laughs. In 2013 she made her stand up TV debut on AXSTV's "Gotham Comedy Live", in 2014 was a top 30 finalist on NBC's "Last Comic Standing", and will be showcasing at NACA Nationals in February '15.

Picture of Daniel Martin

DANIEL MARTIN: This year Daniel Martin was recognized by Campus Activities Magazine as the highest rated/best reviewed performer in the college market. His high-energy blend of insane magic and sarcastic improv consistently lead to standing ovations and record-breaking attendance nationwide. He has been nominated Entertainer of the Year three times.

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