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25 Years Of Great Campus Entertainment



Tom was the very first act to be featured on the cover of this new magazine that everyone was talking about. In 1991, he was probably the hottest act to take the stage and schools clamored for a chance to have him at their school . WHY? Because Tom presented hypnotism like no one else in the business. It's a hilarious wild ride for the audience and a relaxing and often comforting yet mysterious adventure for those being hypnotized. Tom is a true professional and he manages the crowd and the volunteers on stage in a calm and soothing voice. Back then, Judy Brown of LA Weekly said, "I hate hypnotists, but even I can't dislike Tom DeLuca with his Teddy Bear look, soft 'trust-me' voice and his demystifying of hypnotism. A sort of Penn &Teller of hypnotism, Deluca may well be the first truly hip hypnotist."

ALUMNI YEAR: 1992, 1997


She was black, bold and over 21 and the hottest act to hit the campus market in years. She was a pd.D graduate in Sociology and a university professor. She is one heck of a performer. When she performs there is no pretense and no faking it. At that time she usually did a lecture in the afternoon and a comedy show at night and both were always well attended and even the lecture was humorous and interactive. Her lecture blended many serious incidents that happened to her personally but she turned each of these around with a humorous touch to bring home her message. One thing you can always count on with Bertice is interaction. Not only is it part of her show but it's part of her life. Both the lecture and the comedy shows are hilarious and it helps teach students to laugh at themselves.



In 1993, Kevin and Cindy Spncer won THREE of our magazine's top awards. They won BEST Special Event, BEST Touring Show and BEST Novelty/Variety Show. Kevin started out as one of those everyday magicians but a couple of unforseen circumstances just made everything fall into place. Those circumstances made Kevin and Cindy a REAL team and resulted in one of the most sought-after, high tech illusion shows to ever hit the campus market. It wasn't just luck because Kevin and Cindy are one of the hardest working teams to ever hit the stage. Their show is the result of practice and perfection. It is one in which every detail has been taken care of. To say that it is spectacular is an understatement. But it didn't happen with a little magic dust, the Spencers have earned the reputation of one of the most highly regarded acts.



With a rapier wit and rapid fire delivery that belie his boyish good looks, Jay has emerged as one of today's hottest comedic talents. A popular fixture in the 90's on the campus circuit, he starred in the ABC sitcom, "Camp Wilder", co-produced "Last Comic Standing" along with executive producer and agent, Barry Katz and of course was the less than honest agent in the movie Jerry McGuire. As Dorfman, the Wilder's next door neighbor, Mohr brought his perfect timing to the character he describes as "slovenly, but sincere."

As a guest on almost all late night shows, Mohr comes off genuine and seriously funny. Campuses loved him because he was always up for a basketball game with the students and would come in early just to hang out.



Campus Activities Magazine was thrilled to be a part of a mission for Phillips. He began speaking engagements that contained not only information about his life in film but his fight to bring awareness to the Native American culture and the struggle these people experience. Even at the time this story and feature were done, Lou was an award-winning star of such films as La Bamba, Young Guns, Stand and Deliver, Disorganized Crime, Shadow of the Wolf and more that would follow. Part Cherokee himself, his presentation involved the Native American's plight from personal experience, throughout his life to his work with the Native American Awareness organization, Winds of Life, which he was instrumental in helping found. A native of Arlington, Texas, Lou has been acting since he was in the sixth grade.



There are three (3) issues of Campus Activities Magazine that have brought more than $100 each at auction. This issue with Traci Lords (only one copy left in the vault), The Bill Hicks issue (which was his last live interview before his death) and The Denny Dent issue which has become scarce since his passing.

The interview for this cover feature came as Traci was preparing for a film role that would make her a legitimate actress after three years as an adult film star. During her formative years, Traci was emotionally abused by her father. Made uncomfortable by her early physical development, he convinced her that she was "that kind of girl". She studied at the Strassburg Institute and was cast in Roger Corman's Not Of This Earth followed by John Waters' Cry Baby.



Surprisingly on October 1, 1993, Bill Hicks, after his 12th appearance on the David Letterman Show became the first comedy act to be censored at the CBS Ed Sullivan Theatre (Where Elvis was censored in 1956- only being allowed to be seen from the waist up). Hicks was not allowed to be shown at all!

Bill Hicks was a thinker- a bit of a philosopher- and maybe a rebel of sorts. He believed that comedy should carry a message and it should be a learning experience. The San Francisco Chronicle at the time stated: "Love him or leave him, but listen to him." The Los Angeles Times said "Truly funny original comedians are hard to find: funny comics with ideas should be put on the endangered species list. Bill Hicks is one such comic." It was unknown if Bill knew his fate at the time of our interview but he gave us tons of thought-provoking material.



Bad For All The Right Reasons was the headline for this story and it fits. Sandra doesn't need any excuses for her behavior. Yeah, she's been bad, but it has been for all the right reasons. With her mix of boldness, honesty and vulnerability, this innovative and visionary artist has undermined the mainstream and freed us from the conventional. She continues to evolve as an anti-icon for who free expression- artistically, spiritually- is everything."When you're 18, I don't know if you really how to act, but I was never going to sit around and wait for someone to take care of me." She began working during the day as a manicurist in LA. "I think it is important that I took care of myself. I am very independent." She never went to college at all but started performing in clubs. "I met a lot of nice people along the way." Her big break came in 1981 when she was cast with Robert DeNiro and Jerry Lewis in Kings of Comedy.



Rene always has had the reputation of being hilariously funny and incredibly sincere. Her biography describes her perfectly: "limitless energy and an animated presence. But we thought it went much further than that. While she certainly can liven up any situation, there is always an intense feeling of humanity- a halo or glow of simply enjoying life and the desire to share it with others. She seems to connect with you in a way that you both understand. That is what makes her different.

"When I graduated and became an accountant, I really didn't like my job. During that time San Francisco was pretty much known as a comedy haven...Robin Williams and a lot of others got their start there. Back then they had open mic nights and my friends put up the money for me to go up on stage. I was actually funny doing stuff that just came to mind. After that there was no stopping me."



A knock-out success at the Montreal Comedy Festival, Americans were soon learning what campus buyers knew all along...this Texan's home-spun, rowdy comedy was kicking butt everywhere. "My wife is an Oklahoma native and I'm as East Texas native. I didn't care much for school. No, I simply hated school. When I finished high school, I only went to college because my girlfriend was there. I think school made me physically sick. I got in my head I wanted to be an actor and one day I marched into the theatrical department and said 'I want to be an actor!' The guy that smiled at me, Mr. Caldwell, turned out to be one of my best friends in life.

At first I was stage shy. I was working out and had all that testosterone going on and had that 'nobody can hurt me' attitude. But a year later I had settled down and was in my first play, Noises Off. I got real great reviews."



Twice before. Mike had won Entertainer Of The Year and 2001 would make it three times. "Both Mike Cross and Mike Williams performed at my campus when I was in college. I was so taken with their performances that I knew immediately this was what I wanted to do." Obviously music is a huge part of what Mike does and his guitar version of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" is legendary and almost always his closer because it is done with such perfection.

Mike's music is a blend of all his music experiences wrapped up in personal comedic anecdotes and while he does a lot of parodies on songs of many popular recording stars and groups, his personal comedy songs are a reflection of his youth. Mike reveals, "I simply believe that this has been something I wanted to do and it fits into various markets very well."



We caught Kevin Bacon and his brother, Michael just as they embarked on a new musical career. They were looking to campus audiences to help launch their journey.

It was on the night of December 3, 1997 that the Bacon Brothers performed on the "Tonight Show" and left millions of unsuspecting viewers in awe. On occasion celebrities may attempt to make the crossover to other areas but usually find making that transition is like trying to play in the NBA. Well Johnny Depp pulled it off and so did Elvis. In fact Kevin even shares some of Elvis’ strikingly familiar characteristics like a deep husky voice and dashing dance moves. Our staff writer, Jennifer Lester, spoke with Kevin just after the taping of the "Tonight Show" and she said you could hear the twinkling of their eyes in his voice as he and Michael spoke about a "dream come true."