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In March of this year, you will have a chance to look at who we chose for this distinguished honor.

First we established the criteria that the artists for consideration had to have a career that spanded at least 20 of the last 25 years. Most of the ones we selected to compete more than adequately fit the bill for that deserving quality. Secondly, they had to have had a better than average score from colleges they played on our Artist?Report Cards. Third, they had to be relevant and playing colleges regularly today. Next are our choices for this honor: TOM DeLUCA: Tom has been amazing students for far more than 25 years. His shows are widely acclaimed and still draw large crowds. He is the one hypnotist that other hypnotists want to be like. Students line up in advance to be part of the fun and his performance always delivers the goods.

CRAIG KARGES: For more than 25 years, Craig has been the delight of programmers everywhere. I worked designing ads for Craig when I was at NACA back in the 1980s. He is passionate about the campus market and schools line up to consume the dates available to them each and every year. His show has remained fresh and his report cards have been stellar. He was Inducted into The National Campus Hall of Fame and won Entertainer of The Year FOUR different times so far with Campus Activities Magazine and has been featured more than any other artist.

DEL SUGGS: Del is a singer/songwriter turned speaker and honestly has done a spectacular job in both phases of his career. Like Karges, Del is also a distinguished member of The National Campus Hall of Fame. He is not only a spirited entertainment professional but he desperately cares about student programming and the schools with which he works. Likewise, his artist reports have been stellar over the years and he is a mainstay in the campus market.

CHRISTOPHER CARTER:Chris Carter has had a life long commitment to the college market. While like Karges, he is in other markets, he continues to be very relevant to college students and a multi-talented entertainer. While he also has skills in hypnotism, his show for the college market for well over 25 years, has been a mind-freak type of attraction. He is incredibly easy to work with and enjoys entertaining students. His reviews on the artist reports are also stellar ranking in the top 10% of all artists being reviewed.

JASON LeVASSEUR: Early on Jason was involved as one of a two man music machine called "Life In General." They were a force in the market during the 1990s but he eventually developed his own show and played to hundreds if not thousands of campus events. Known by everyone as a friendly "good ole boy," his songs took on the feeling of having fun to personal at times. As of late, Jason too has become involved in speaking to students- and who better? For 25 years he has been the guy who entertained them and talked with them back stage. He has now endured in two distinct categories of campus life.