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Finally! A Conference And An Association

That Meets The Critical Needs Of

Working Together- Not Apart!

Introducing The Association of Entertainment Professionals (AEP)

And a conference that meets the needs of all facets of the Entertainment Industry.

You will find AEP to be completely different from almost any other organization you are associated with, probably because we are a somewhat elite group of buyers, agents and artists from all different sectors of the entertainment industry, striving to find a way to work together. We understand that while different parts of the industry are unique in the way they do business, there are a lot of things we can share and learn from each other that will make us more than passing stars in a huge galaxy and a lot of us are learning more creative ways to do business as a result.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is that members really enjoy doing business with other members. We meet at this conference, learn about each other and when we are looking for a magic act in Cincinnati and we are in Orlando, we can throw it out in an email to the membership and help is on the way. This happens over and over and over again.

Just ask Troy Pederson from Disney, Andrea Michaels from Extraordinary Events, Mark Felix from Drury Design Dynamics, and others. The way AEP is positioned, we may never be the "big dog" in entertainment's back yard but we do want to be the dog that everyone wants to pet because he/she is kind and accommodating.

This organization represents huge buying power from some of the best facilities and companies in the world. Not only will you find corporate producers, buyers from independent companies, special events, casinos and theme parks, but performing arts venues, colleges and specialty buyers as well.

In our first five years we introduced some great new talent that found their way to corporate gigs, cruise lines, theme parks, colleges and other venues. We gave you new things to consider and re-introduced you to some old friends you probably hadn't thought about for a while.

This organization and conference is built the way others started out and lost their way. Because each member is just as relevant as the next, what you do and how you do it is extremely important and you have a family of many friends you can consult with along the way

This year, we have not only teamed up with Carnival Cruise Lines and Punchliner Comedy Clubs to showcase some cutting edge talent, but you will find some exciting new talent you have seen on television and other great talent that you may have never seen before.

The conference registration this year includes:

interactive ed sessions that are extremely timely and deal with important issues

Over 30 showcasing artists expertly produced by Rick Stowe and our friends at EastCoast Entertainment

Social time where you can meet other buyers and agents

All your meals are included in your registration

Meet & Greets follow each showcase where you can discuss business right after you have seen the acts perform

And finally a chance to unwind and let lose at the Late Night Jam, Tuesday night. All this in a whopping two days that didn't waste your time or keep you out of school or the office longer than necessary.

On behalf of the staff at AEP and American Entertainment Magazine, Campus Activities Magaxine, well as our prestigious National Advisory Board, thanks for being part of this conference and an organization whose sole purpose is to help make your business great.

Now On With The show:

W.C. Kirby, Jr.