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Campus Activities Magazine Merges with The Association of Entertainment Professionals To Provide The Absolute Best Buying Experience!


For the first time ever you get to sit on the same room with legendary producers and agents and get the full benefit of what it is like to be in the entertainment industry.

And most importantly, you get the entire experience in only 2 1/12 days. Meet the acts in a Meet & Greet after each showcase and talk with their reps about dates that you may have open. The bonus is that there are great bands, musical acts, and Comedians- many with distinguished careers already, Plus name acts you have already seen on television or in trade magazines. Now you have the chance to bring exclusive entertainment to your campus that will truly knock the student's socks off.

Because AEP is a conference of entertainment professionals, LESS IS MORE! These are people who can not afford to be away from their work for very long, so everything at AEP is short and sweet. Plus we will review every thing after the conference to give your attendance an even grater impact.

You will sit next to casino buyers, exclusive buyers for parks like Disney, trade buyers for cruise lines and theaters as well as major producers who book hundreds of millions of dollars every year. How much better could your experience be.

AEP is held in major cities across the country and your cost of participating is amazingly low because many of the people coming to this conference are looking for up-and-coming acts, but also new people to hire and train for their businesses, so you get more benefits here than anywhere else.

AEP in 2018 will launch a "kick The Tires" campaign for any campus who books entertainment. You will get an amazingly low rate and for the first year you will not even have to join the organization to be able to come. You will get a huge discount on registration (60%) and included will be key meals, showcases, meet & greets, interactive educational sessions and the chance to meet key executives that you may never have had at any other conference.

The conference is short and sweet, just what buyers really want and need and the connection for your activities department will be sensational.

AEP experienced the death of one of the AEP key partners, Leona Plaugh, in 2016, so the organization is going to hold a summer meeting to re-evaluate the mission in 2017 with a huge kick off of the re-invented mission in 2018. Some of the details will be announced here, but this preview is to let you know that key producers are very interested in working with colleges.

You can learn a lot of about contracts, riders, and how to buy major talent for these legendary producers but in turn, these professionals have a great look at perspective hires for future employees. It is the ultimate win-win situation. Your campus wins too because the cost to attend is significantly less than almost any other entertainment conference plus registration includes many meals and rubbing shoulders with elite professionals who could change your careers forever- not to mention that you may only be away from campus three or four days at most.

AEP understands that cost is a factor so we try to arrange for conference headquarters where the facilities are deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. We include as much food as possible to limit what your campus has to spend on getting you to and from the conference. PLUS no act may showcase in two consecutive years (unless they win THE FASTEST RISING STAR category). This pretty much allows you to see different great showcases every single year.

All,showcases are produced exclusively by EastCoast Entertainment, so you are almost guaranteed a spectacular time.

There is a Late Nite Jam the last night of the conference, so if you think you have what it takes to get the attention of producers, this will be your chance and you only have to be registered guest to get up on stage and do your thing. Please understand there is only minimum backline for this Jam and it is provided as a courtesy by AEP.

If you thought your college conference was a blast, wait until you see what you will receive in return for your conference registration plus the discount on the hotel accommodations is a sweet deal too.

This is the perfect opportunity to see some great talent, have a great experience meeting and talking with top buyers and agents, and make some contacts that may help your career path!

If you have any questions about planning for this conference, please simply email W.C. Kirby at wckirbyjr@me.com and he will bring you up to speed.