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Shroud Encounter


For over 25 years, Russ Breault has been researching and lecturing on the famed Shroud of Turin. Like a CSI, Russ makes use of over 180 images that he moves through seamlessly to unfold one of the worlds most baffling mysteries. His presentation, known as "Shroud Encounter" intrigues audiences as clues are revealed one by one as though piecing together a large and complicated puzzle. A fast-paced and ultra-dynamic experience, Russ's presentation is both entertaining and educational.

As a founding member of the Shroud Science Group, Russ has appeared on "Mysteries of the Ancient World" on CBS, and most recently on the Emmy-nominated two-hour History Channel documentary "The Real Face of Jesus." He was an advisor and the primary expert for this groundbreaking documentary. He has also been featured on various other documentaries on the Discovery Channel, TLC, and National Geographic.

The Shroud itself has grabbed the interest of millions due to its enduring mystery. Much like the Great Pyramids of Egypt or stonehenge, it has been subjected to countless hours of scientific analysis, medical, and historical investigations. Thousands of articles, hundreds of books, and dozens of documentaries have revolved around its mystery.

While the Shroud of Turin has many religious implications, there are no claims of authenticity made during the program. The audience is left to decide what they think for themselves. When considering any type of programing for religious diversity, "Shroud Encounter" is a perfect fit. "The Shroud, put most simply, is an enigma which continues to defy any explanation and points to something beyond our understanding."

The Shroud of Turin is the single most analyzed artifact in the world and yet it remains a total mystery. "It is so interesting because it is a 14ft long linen cloth that has been in Turin, Italy for the last 400 years and bears the faint image of a bearded, crucified man with apparent wounds and blood stains that match the crucifixion account recorded in the Bible. We can track the Shroud through Italy, Asia, France, Turkey, and back to the Middle East according to botanical evidence. But whether or not it was an actual burial shroud of a crucified man, the work of an artist, or the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ (which millions have come to believe) is still a great mystery."

"Shroud Encounter" focuses on four major areas of study. These areas include: Science, Religion, Art, and History. It is not often that a topic would cover such a wide variety of academic disciplines. But as detailed and analytical as it may seem, "Shroud Encounter" is a fast moving and engaging presentation that grips its audience until the very end.

As experts go on the subject, you can be sure that Russ is one of the world's foremost authorities. Having participated in every international conference on the subject since 1981, Russ has been researching and studying the Shroud for the majority of his life. He first fell in love with the mystery as a collage student and now tours campuses nationwide in hopes to spark the same interest with todays campus communities.

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