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Jen Kober


Jen began performing at the age of 16. "A friend of mine decided it would be really funny to sign me up for an open mic and not tell me. So I got up there and started telling stories that had always made my friends laugh which ended up being a big hit... I got addicted very quickly to getting big laughs. I began going to this open mic every week, lying about being eighteen so I could get into the club where it was all happening." Jen kept performing through college getting into improv and acting, however ipon finishing found there was a lack of roles available to sustain a career. Thus, she returned to her first love...stand-up.

A native of Louisiana, Jen's comedy is reflective of southern culture, right down to her good old fashioned Southern drawl. Living there during hurricane Katrina gave her the push she needed to move to LA. "I moved to LA to escape the biblical floods and pick up a manager who suggested some college gigs. After doing a few I truly fell in love with the atmosphere and energy of the college crowds." Jen's first year in the college market, she played 188 schools. "The college audience is so intelligent and up on current events and yet still so fun, playful and energized."

More recently Jen has been doing quite a bit of acting, both on television and in film. She has a role on the HBO series "Treme," a drama about post Katrina New Orleans, "Curb your Enthusiasm," and most recently the American Pie Reunion film, featuring the entire original cast (due to release 2012). "What's been really great though is that I haven't had any roles that have interfered with my tour schedule. The TV shows are really good about making room and keeping the schedule flexible for me."

In the world of stage performers, experience and passion go a long way. In the first five minutes of her performance it's obvious Jen is a professional. What seems to pour from her performance more than anything is her passion and love of her craft. "I love being on stage making people laugh. Put me in front of 5,000 people with a microphone and I am a happy, happy bird! In fact, it was my father, a heart surgeon no less, who said how important it is to wake up and do what you love to do. I'm sure he never thought the thing I would tell him was that I wanted to be stand-up a comedian; but here we are. I can still remember the 10,000 lectures on balancing a checkbook and that just because I have checks doesn't mean I have money." All that aside, Jen is where she wants to be. "I am so happy with the career path I have chosen."

Though Jen's career in film and television is ever-growing, the future of her stand-up career in the college market will also continue to grow as well. "I couldn't imagine not doing the college market at all." Playing numerous dates every semester, Jen Kober is sure to be at a campus near you this year.

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