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The world of stand-up comedy is bursting at the seams with new and exciting talent. With that brings new and young emerging talent that deliver both a fresh and intriguing incite into youth culture. Prashanth is one such comedian making a big splash in the campus market. Being twenty-four years of age and a recent college graduate of the University of Illinois, Prashanth's stage presence and delivery connects with his audience in both a gripping and organic way. While still in high school Prashanth began performing stand-up in the basement of a friend's house. It began as something simple and fun to pass the time. Unexpected to Prashanth, it began to catch on. By his senior year of high school he was cramming over a hundred people into his now makeshift comedy club; which described by Prashanth was more of a fire hazard than a club. During this time Prashanth was able to write and master his material. Heading into college he began to visit open mics and even book shows. By the time Prashanth graduated from college, with a degree in Molecular Biology no less, he felt the time was right to make stand-up his career.

When developing material it is a common practice to draw on personal experience and upbringing to formulate jokes. Prashanth delivers insights into his personal life on stage with his ethnicity, family relations, and the absurdity of menial tasks of your average 24 year-old. "While I have jokes that peek into my personal life, family, and ethnicity, I try not to box myself in. I don't want to be known as the Indian comedian but as a comedian that is Indian. I strive to keep my material balanced and fresh. And as a side note, the jokes about my family are definitely true, and it definitely happened!"

Beyond Prashanth's material and show, he goes above and beyond to make time to spend with students both before and after the show. "I love to travel and experience new places and people. That to me is one of the greatest perks to the job. In fact I find myself answering a lot of questions about how I got into show business from students who seem to be heading in that direction themselves. Unfortunately I don't really like giving advice because, while the shoe that I am wearing fits me well, it my not fit the person I am talking to at all. But I do share my experience and let them know how I have been doing it and hopefully point them in some good directions. I like to remind people that they can still do what they want to despite the current job market if they just pursue those goals wholeheartedly."

Driven, confident, and always hysterical, Prashanth looks forward to a bright career. Only truly entering into the college market in January of 2011, Prashanth will be playing over 60 different schools thus far in the 2011-2012 school year.

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