Seven Seas Park in Sunnyvale CA

Seven Seas Park in Sunnyvale, CA is a park that is opened to the public and holds many events such as Seven Seas Lagoon Family Festival. The festival was held on June 26, 2011 which features entertainment, food booths and attractions for kids. However visitors are only allowed to view the event from outside of the venue as it requires tickets to enter which can be purchased online at their website or at a retail store.

The park consists of a seven seas lagoon where visitors can rent paddle boats, sailboats or pedal boats for an hourly fee along with jet ski rentals. Others may simply swim in the lagoon area as it allows swimming in some parts. There are also two playground areas one is located near the lagoon where children can play on various structures while those who do not wish to swim in the lagoon have a playground at their disposal.

The Seven Seas Park is open from mid-April through October 31st and provides a place for people to escape the heat in Sunnyvale, CA. It also serves as a public park where visitors can picnic or play sports on one of the three baseball fields available.